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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Question/Poll: What do you want to know about card stores?

I've just written a couple posts about Nagoya's card stores. I know most of my readers probably won't make it to Japan to actually visit, but imagine you were going east and were stopping at a card store or two. Or you were moving to Japan to live here for a short while. What would you like to know about an individual card store?
Even for stores in the US, if you were a card collecting tourist looking for stores in an unfamiliar city, what details are you interested in?
I'm guessing that directions and store hours are important, but if there are specifics or other things, I'd like to know. I'm getting ready to start writing/rewriting my card shop "guide" posts and want to get the good stuff inside.


  1. Outside hours and directions, I would say pricing, selection, customer service, and for the tourist, what languages other than Japanese do they speak, if any? Also, do they include diet plans to work out all those Calbee Chips?!

    I actually found Calbee brand chips at our local international market, but when I checked in May, they did not have the Calbee baseball chips. I was hoping they would if only for the sheer novelty.

  2. The _current_ address and details. Once something is posted on the Internet, the Internet prides itself on keeping it online forever. Card shops don't stay open forever, especially lately.

  3. I'll echo what Tony L says, along with some indication of how well organized they are. For instance, G-Freak has a great selection but it's very unorganized.

    Something else that might be handy is a link to the store's location on Google Maps. Mint's maps are only marginally useful for us non-Japanese readers.

  4. Tony L, BaseSetCalling, and NPB Card Guy - thanks for your input. I've been working on trying to include these things in my latest posts. Google Maps is one I really want to be consistent on.

    Tony L: yeah, baseball chips are such a limited product that it's tough for them to make their way overseas. If you're interested, I can buy a couple bags for you and send them over in trade. I do that for someone else, though I do remove the chips (the entire bag, actually) and send just the pack to save on space and shipping. Let me know!