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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Few Baseball Souvenirs

Ahh, how team sports should be.

Yesterday I showed a couple baseball souvenirs that are out of my price range, but these were reasonable.
 NPB Card Guy probably recognizes this pin, because I think it was attached to a card like several that he had - one of which he traded to me.
 Small keychains, balls, and cellphone straps can be bought from gachapon vending machines at the stadiums, with most players featured in a full set. This one was really cheap - maybe 50 yen - while the ones at the ballpark run 200-300 yen.
I'm not sure what the Giants have that makes them traditional. Following the Yankees philosophy? Being in the biggest city in the country? Using antiquated processes for running a ball club? Yes, I realize they are the most famous and longest-existing team in Japan. But in baseball? This was only 10 yen, about 10 cents!

Maybe I can get myself back in order for real posts tomorrow. I need to upload some stuff first!


  1. Hmm, that pin doesn't actually look much like the ones from the Yamakatsu set that I think you're referring to. What kind of back does it have on it - the Yamakatsu ones were attached to a safety pin.

  2. Hah, figures. This one does have a safety pin on the back too, though. I wonder if it's made by the same manufacturer.