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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Living in a Parallel Universe

I picked up a few parallel cards on a recent trip to a card store, including some I didn't know existed.
 Gold signature parallel from the 80th Anniversary Pitchers Edition set (#/50).
 Player of Glory black parallel from 2004 Calbee.
 Star Card black parallel, also from 2004 Calbee. I somehow missed that these black parallels exist. I still have to verify my Calbee listings from 1991 to present.
 Speaking of present Calbee, this year's second series online-only set is Average Leaders.
 Here's a regular Owners League card, from the 13th series. Note the card number "OL13 076/156".
 There are cards from at least the past four series which I think are either parallels or a special limited edition set.
 Note the card numbers on these last three cards; the letter C appears just before or after the card number.
I believe this prefix identifies cards sold in a specific kind of packaging, such as those found packaged with the candy wafers. These "C" cards all came individually wrapped like other cards I've received from wafer packages.

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