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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello kitty, you're so pretty!

 Japan offers more opportunities for unique relics than the States, thanks to more interest in a broader range of sports, the massive pop market that revolves around megagroups, and of course, idol cards.
This costume comes from one of those idol card sets, and at about $2 it was a steal!


  1. I like how they have a pointer indicating where the swatch is from. The value of the card would probably spike if they'd moved it just a bit to the right...

    1. Actually, that pointer doesn't go exactly where it comes from, it just points to the correct article of clothing in the photo.

      There are specialty relics for the Juicy Honey series which show which general area (or for certain locations, the specific piece) the swatch come from. Those are for underwear relics though. I've never bought any of those.

  2. And this is why America needs idol cards like these. ;-)

  3. jacobmrley and Tony: Yep. Agree with both of you. But, Tony, I think American culture is just not open enough for such a thing to exist. Sex is everywhere on TV, but going to a shop that would sell something like this would be, well, like going to a sex toy shop. Idol cards are in pretty much all the trading card stores in Japan, but I doubt the "wholesome kids" baseball card market in America would accept this next to Topps Tribute.

    I don't see any kids collecting cards in Japan, though they certainly could be getting Calbee cards or buying a few packs in bookstores. I think trading cards are basically for adults here, though kids love the card game cards. There are several girls at my school who have different cards for their favorite anime/manga or games.