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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

State of the Blog Address: June

Now that we're in July, it's time for the monthly update.

1. 65% Japanese Type Collection. A few new sets came out this month, and I have a stack of about 30 cards to add to the inventory, but right now I'm at 61.07%. Next month, I should be well over 62%.  (Last Month: 60.63%)

1b. Finish Calbee: Calbee Series 2 is out which is going to add a couple sets to my list, but 2014 Series 1 is done. I need a bunch of older cards that I can't seem to find in Tokyo, but I'm going to Nagoya this weekend and hopefully I will make some good finds at the card stores there. Today: 27 cards left. (Last month: 31 needed)

2. Continue Calbee posts: I've been too busy posting new sets, trades, and idol cards to do anything meaningful like this. (Last month: 1977)

2b. Start BBM posts: So much time, so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. (As always, 0%)

2c. Make a Table of Contents: I need a day to go through and finish this up. (Again, 5%)

3. Make new release posts on time: The only two sets that are out which I haven't posted both came out last week. I'm right on track!. (Last month: ~100%)

3b. Preview/review 2014 MLB sets: I wonder if I should bother, because I just have too many other things here and I never get have any MLB cards when the stuff comes out. I talked about Topps Series 2. 22% (20%)

4. Do something with the Zoo: Nothing yet. Still nothing. Never. (0%)

5. Finish the NPB Live Game Collection: With the Marines and Golden Eagles team sets being released a couple weeks ago, I brought my lists and picked up all the cards I needed. [This goal has been MET!] (100% in June.. until I attend another game)

5b. Start the MLB Live Game Collection: [This goal has been MET!] (100% in January)

6. Collect 2014 sets: Nothing new came out this month for my collection, but unless something . I think the rest of 2014 will involve: Topps flagship and Update, Allen and Ginter, Stadium Club, Goodwin Champions, and Golden Age.  Now: 30%  (Last month: 30%)

6b. Collect 2014 insert sets: Archives' Major League movie set was finished in one purchase, though I haven't made any progress toward other 2014 sets I want to complete. The only new insert sets I anticipate wanting come from Allen & Ginter, and possibly Golden Age. Currently: 25% (Last month: 20%)

7. Post more information about Japanese card shops: [I wish I had more time!] Still at 0%.

8. Post about NPB awards[Too many other posts going out!] Still at 0%.

January: 1/14.
February: 1/14.
March: 1/14.
April: skipped.
May: 1/14.
June: 2/14.

It's nice to finally have something new crossed off the list. There are a few additional goals that I've added myself including knocking out some of my player collections reducing the size of my set want lists. And there are some goals here that I am thinking might need to just disappear. We'll see what happens next month.


  1. I personally think you should have a goal of introducing different girl groups on idol cards to us all in the States on a monthly basis. :-)

  2. The only thing better than the tradition of tossing the winning manager after the Japan Series is commemorating it on a baseball card.

  3. Tony: I wouldn't mind doing that, though there is a limited amount of girl groups with cards. I do have a few sets coming up in the next couple months to feature that aren't all girl groups but might interest you.

    jacobmrley: I've seen quite a few cards like that but they're still pretty fun. I wish BBM would use more game action or other celebratory images instead of the "usual" though.