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Monday, July 21, 2014

Idol Cards of the Week?

So, I know there's an interest in seeing pretty girls on cardboard. Page hits don't lie! And it's kind of fun to share this unique slice of Japan with you.

And before you go criticizing Japan about its tastes, know that Japanese people are surprised by, or even shocked at, several aspects of American culture you think of as being normal.
 Today's cards all come from a 2001 set issued under the "Bomb" name. They make a lot of idol and adult cards. Note that there's a distinction - idols may be sexy but they are clothed. Adult models show everything.

All of these were picked up at Mint Ponyland. It might have the most extensive collection of idol and adult card singles in Japan.
 I've labeled this set "Marucos" due to the text next to the card number. It's full of models in cute or sexy cosplay costumes. You know, the kinds you might buy for a little fun in the bedroom.
 So, we have teacher, Bunny Girl, maid servant...
 Rum Chan (apparently from an "animal" subset).
And I finish with a 1950s style waitress, complete with roller skates.

I bought a sampling of cards from this set; a full set might be even more fun. I think there are lots of sets issued before I came to Japan that are worth checking out!

I don't know if I'll really post idol cards every week. I doubt it, honestly. But is there really enough interest for a regular feature?

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