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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good Morning, Morning Musume Part 1

Are you ready for some bromides?

I mentioned previously that I had more Morning Musume to share. The next few days, as I get my ... um ... stuff together, I'm going to show off a cheap box of bromides featuring Morning Musume I picked up last month. The box had 10 packs, with 10 bromide cards in each pack.

The 10 cards included 8 regular cards, one group card, one thin photo style of card, and either another group card or a gold foil signature card. Given the number of group cards in the set compared to how often they appear in the box, I think they were double or even triple printed. On the flip side, the signature cards are pretty rare.

Pack one:
 Three base cards, including the "guaranteed" group card.
 Three more base cards.
 The other two base cards, plus the other group card. No gold signature here.
And the photo card. These are thinner than the bromides and blank backed. Regular cards and signature cards are numbered for collecting, but the photo cards aren't.

Pack two:
 Does the group card look familiar? It should, because it was in the first pack, too! When I was opening the packs, I started to think collation was really really bad. But then I realized that the odds meant that most packs had two of these and they make up a small part of the entire set.
 I believe this is the "second series" of bromides, and these are certainly licensed given the copyright information.
 Yes, there's the other group card that was in the first pack.
And the photo card. All of the photo cards have the girls standing in front of the same backdrop. You can see that backdrop in some of the regular cards.

More tomorrow, whether or not you want them...

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