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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hammerin' Hank Aaron's best Autograph?

Not this exact copy, mind you. But look at that card. This autograph is clean and crisp. It's on-card. It's certified (you can check by looking at the UD Hologram on the back - it should be a diamond instead of a home plate) and the signature should be blue (sorry bud bud bud). How does the same (fake) card end up being listed on four websites anyway? At least Fuji's fake is different. I'm told the autographs tend to fade, which is a shame. The card image is fantastic and a quality autograph would make this an excellent showpiece.

I don't own a Hank Aaron autograph, though I wouldn't mind having one. I do have the regular set that card came from:
If you collected cards in the early '90s you should remember this continuity insert. Reggie Jackson was the first in 1990, followed by a whole series of great players. After a few years Upper Deck changed the design a bit and did a multi-player Future Heroes set, and then completely mixed things up by foiling up the cards, making them extremely rare, and turning the line into something only collectors of the Elite Series inserts could afford. Yes, there's bitterness in my writing. I need most of the Ruth Heroes of 1995, and all the SP Heroes from 1996 and 1997. The line died out until the early part of this century, but the full history (and my frustration with putting a full set together) is better saved for its own post.

I get the feeling that some people don't like the Baseball Heroes line. I know that most of these cards aren't too special, but the Reggie Jacksons looked great and the recent "marble" redesigns are attractive. Plus, I like the header art cards. You probably already knew that.

I picked up the full Aaron set for a dollar at the GT Show. Oh how the mighty have fallen! The 1991-1993 inserts were such common pulls that they became almost worthless on the secondary market. I already had this set in my Upper Deck Heroes collection, but several of the cards highlight events that I could use in my Awards/Leaders collection.

This is the last scan I have for you from the GT Sports show. I know you're sad. Don't worry! I picked up several great oddball items at the MMA show at Vallco Mall. It's a new location for MMA and there were more dealers this weekend than the usual MMA show. If you're in the San Jose area today (Sunday) and you're reading this in the morning, take a sweep down to check out the offerings. I talked to a few dealers and several told me they might not be doing any more shows for a while (table fees are high is the general consensus).

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