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Friday, September 23, 2011

Shiny Happy Players Holding Bats (Trade with Ryan L!)

The blog will be on autopilot for the weekend as I have several things going on - an all-day job interview/seminar tomorrow, and a card show, art exhibition, and street fair on Sunday. I'll try to answer emails and I'll probably be able to keep up with reading other blogs, but for the most part I'll get back with you next week.

San Francisco Bay Area readers: the "big" Serramonte Mall card show is back this weekend. After talking with several dealers at last week's show in San Jose, many of them might not be at the Serramonte show. But I'm hoping for some decent dealers and a few nice finds on Sunday morning. It's easiest to get to the show by car, but SamTrans routes 120 and 122 from Colma BART Station will get you to the mall.

Chrome for Chrome was the deal, with me shipping off a couple Yankees to reader Ryan L (most of you know him by now) in exchange for a nice shiny Griffey for my PC:
 But Ryan didn't stop there! Bonuses galore filled the envelope. He found me an evil-eyed Maddux.
 Frank Thomas as an Athletic. I think he looks better in green than white.
 And a quadruple dose of Chipper.
It seems I'm adding a lot of cards to my player collections lately. That's a good thing, for sure, and I appreciate the trade, Ryan L!

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