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Friday, September 9, 2011

I notice if I put the word VINTAGE in the title...

More people look at the post. Maybe that's because there's actually VINTAGE in the post, too! Aha, I've figured out what your weaknesses are! I can now take over the blogging world!
Not that I care, really. It's not a popularity contest. Or maybe it is, just like high school. Or Facebook. I love South Park.
Speaking of contests (how's that for a segue) Nachos Grande is giving away some neat software. Enter here (or don't, so I have a better chance of winning).

Anyway, I advertised vintage, so why not put a little vintage in the post? Let's get really vintage this time, and head back to the 1950s.
 Trying to scan three horizontal cards at once isn't easy. Well, it's just as easy as scanning three vertical cards, they just come out really long instead of really wide. All of today's cards have been well-loved. Really well-loved. And that's why I love them!
 My favorite design is the '53 set. When I finally get around to going vintage with Topps, I think the 1953 set will have to be the first one I tackle. It's just that cool. Or maybe it's so great, I should save it for last. But 1952 scares me.
Every time I see a 1968 Topps, I think it's a Nolan Ryan RC. It doesn't matter that he didn't get his own card. You show me that design, and I think Nolan Ryan RC. I just realized that every single one of the 1960 cards is of an LA Dodger.

Some of these cards are headed off to a project. The rest are being stockpiled for eventual set building. Maybe by the time I get started with the sets I'll have about a quarter of the set already in-hand?


  1. I love seeing significant portions of Wrigley Field on old cards like your Clem Labine.

  2. I'm sure you know those houses still exist! One of my favorite parts of old cards are the views of stadiums, especially with minor league teams or stadiums that were used only briefly, like Wrigley Field, since there's much less documentation of the stadiums.

    I wonder if there are any cards of LA Coliseum.