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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Young Superstars? I think not!

Most collectors of the 1980s and 1990s will remember the boxed sets of about 60 cards released mainly by Topps and Fleer. By the late '80s most of those mini sets disappeared. Perhaps the back stock of 1982 K-Mart and Woolworth sets meant companies were afraid of buying new issues. I remember going to the local Woolworth (remember them?) and buying several different years of sets on clearance at some point.

That didn't stop Score from issuing sets into the 1990s. Where most of the Topps and Fleer issues focused on legends and all-stars, Score built its small themed sets around rookies. Who would blame them, since that was the height of the rookie craze. Most of the sets were duds, though. Check out this random selection of cards from 1989's Young Superstars. There are a few players who became veterans in the set. Griffey Jr., by far, is the highlight of the set. Tom Glavine and Randy Johnson are probably the only other ones who amounted to anything more than local fame, as most of the players fizzled or faded away.
 I picked up the whole set for a dollar the GT Sports show, one of several. Of the forty-two cards, only a couple (including the Griffey) ended up in my collection, but I was able to brush up on my baseball history!
The magic motion Year to Remember cards were inserted into Score packs, but they also ended up as random inserts in the mini sets as well. Each box came with four cards.

Sure, this set is worthless by "monetary value" but it's still fun collecting all these little oddball sets from my childhood.

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