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Monday, September 19, 2011

Box Breaking: 2010 Topps Update Part 2 (did you enter my contest?)

Continuing on with the box of 2010 Update, this is the second of three parts.
 Seriously, were there that many players in the All-Star Game? I guess you get double the cards for the players in the Home Run Derby.
 Hey, there's an insert we haven't seen yet, ten packs into the box. Diamond DuosLegendary Lineage... You know what, they aren't ugly, but I just don't care for cards with multiple players on them like this. I should mention I sometimes enjoy cards that have one photo with two players in it.
 Shorted an insert with a MCG code card again. Look at all those All-Stars.
 I like the Ian Kinsler card. It looks like McCann is watching the ball. I wonder if LaRoche got spiked on that play at first.
 That Gape Kepler card is kind of neat, as long as it's not the kind of photo that begins to end up on cards more frequently. It would have been great to have a runner in there instead of a blurry cut-off cut off man.
 Seeing Ichiro with a red-bordered card just looks strange. That is all.
 Finally, a pack I can show without All-Star OR rookie cards! Though, I had to have that debut card up in the top-left. Hey, Braves fans: remember Yunel. Yeah. Sorry. Hey, A's fans: isn't it sad that the best position player on the team is a cereal?
Hey, no All-Stars again! A couple RCs had to get tossed in though. I just noticed a pattern. The last card in the pack is an Attax (yeah, I noticed that a long time ago, thank you), the second-to-last card in the pack is always a throwback design or code card, and the third-to-last card is some other insert or parallel (if there isn't an MCG code in the pack). So you will never get two cards from the same insert set in a pack?

As before, if you're interested in any of these cards, leave a message. Card numbers and such will come in 24 hours.

So, did you enter my contest? Better get over there and have at it! It's quite easy. You have until Friday.

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