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Monday, September 12, 2011

My Trading Obsession

First, you'll see this on every post today: I am looking for cards of Jose Altuve. As far as I know, the only card he appears on is from 2010 Bowman DPP, Chrome #BCP137. I really just want one card (regular, refractor, color refractor, etc), but putting together a rainbow would be nice. He has some minor league cards too, so if you have one of those to get rid of, let me know what you'd like for it.

I swear I've seen that title before on someone else's blog, but I can't find it. So I'm using it!

A player to be named later. Actually, many, many, many players to be named later. That's what I'll have to send Jeff's way to make up for all these great cards he sent!
 How about eight vintage cards?
 Not enough? How about some more vintage, and some modern-issue legends?
 Not done yet! Even more vintage!
 And one more for good measure! Thirty-five cards, all seen above, are headed to the Awards/Leaders collection! It's a big help, especially with several players that I never find in the quarter boxes. Ken Holtzman, Bobby Murcer, and Al Bumbry, anyone?
 That fantastic collection is followed by five more cards for the set I'll never finish - UD's 20th Anniversary Retrospective - and one more Home Run Heroes for set building.

But all those were just kind of added in. I'm not even sure if I asked him to hold any of those or not but they came anyway! What I asked for was this card (wait, you have to play this song first)
If you've been to a Braves game in the past forever years, you should recognize that as this man's walk up song.
Chipper! He's in my player collection and this will be one of the highlights of the collection. I love these Lineage relics! There it is, at four-times normal size. Imagine if they made Jumbo '75 relics like this! By the way, the scan was cut off, not the card.

So now I owe Jeff some great White Sox cards. Thanks to him for this great selection of cards!

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  1. Figured I'd go through your want lists before I sent out the Chipper, didn't think you'd mind. Bought a box of 70's awhile back so they've just been sitting around. I'm glad you liked them.