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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Trade Hobbyist

First, you'll see this on every post today: I am looking for cards of Jose Altuve. As far as I know, the only card he appears on is from 2010 Bowman DPP, Chrome #BCP137. I really just want one card (regular, refractor, color refractor, etc), but putting together a rainbow would be nice. He has some minor league cards too, so if you have one of those to get rid of, let me know what you'd like for it.

Patrick, The Card Hobbyist, asked for some vintage Dolphins I picked up recently, and I was glad to part with them. In return for what I sent him, he sent me three needs for my type collection! These cards arrived early last week but I've been letting the scanning pile up. Thanks, Patrick!
 I enjoy cards that mention probing Venus. Especially when the text on the back uses the word Earthlings.
 The back of the card has a cartoon of some guy pinning a gigantic ribbon/button that says MVP. The text goes on to mention how Zack won an AL Cy Young Award. Shouldn't the button say CY or something?
Beckett identifies each series of Attax as unique. Series 1, 2, and Update all are their own sets. It's kind of annoying. Thanks to Patrick I believe I'm now done with the Attax inserts.

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  1. Glad to see you got your cards. Thanks for the trade and the Ginter minis!