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Monday, September 19, 2011

Box Busting: 2010 Topps Update (and why not?)

It's been a long LONG time since I busted a box. In fact, it was six months nearly to the day since my last box break. I love busting packs, but I rarely go all-out on a box. I bought this box and a box of National Chicle several months ago with no real idea of what to do with them, and I finally went ahead and started the busting process! And why not? If get them out of the way now, I can toss the extra cards into my team lots for the clearance, and not have to worry about them later.

Besides, I like opening packs. 

I already have a complete base set and several of the insert sets are complete as well, which means I'm opening this for a few type collection cards (I neglected to fill those needs) and fun.

So here are the first eight of 24 packs in the order I opened them!
 Each pack has 12 cards, 11 if you don't count the "filler" Topps Attax card. One or two of the cards are real inserts, and the rest are base cards. I'll show the "best nine." The first pack was pretty dull. I like (and collect) the Turkey Red inserts, but I have a complete Update set. Johnson's on a Vintage Legends insert. I like this set, enough that I already have it.
 A couple RC inserts in Heyward and Strasburg. *Yawn.*
This is better. Lance Berkman, Starlin Castro, and a whole bunch of all stars. I wonder what will happen if I plug that MCG code into the Diamond Giveaway site. I'm guessing nothing. I was "shorted" an insert in this pack (still had 12 cards).
 Shorted an insert again, though I suppose the Strasburg counts as the insert (card #661). Maybe I can sell this on eBay for $50 + $5 shipping! The Killebrew is a Yo Momma, a set I haven't tried to put together, but may start. I'm collecting 60YOT, so why not CYMTO?
 Verlander just won his 12th straight game to go 24-5. Awesome! Shorted an insert again. I think the MCG cards count as two inserts in the minds of Topps. Too bad I wasn't opening this box a year ago, when the codes were still valid.
 All-stars all over the place. There are a lot of them in the set. I really don't care for gold cards (or any parallel cards) because they're more work for the type collection and too much work to try to complete as a set. I still say I'll assemble a parallel set sometime in my life. Are those Yankees photo shopped into the window of the subway car? Or is the subway car packed with fans? It just looks photo shopped.
 All-Star Emporium! I wonder if Night Owl wants any of these for his night card collection. Most of them look like night shots, as compared to some of the other All-Star cards. That Honus Wagner looks good on the Topps 2000 design.
See what I mean about day vs. night? Bell and Heyward are sporting afternoon shadows while the other all-stars are in night game glory. Another Yo Mama. I am seriously considering taking on that project.

Well, that's 1/3 of the box. With retail, I didn't expect much. I don't care for the Peak Performance design (and don't get me started on Attax) but the Tales of the Game set is interesting and not ugly. Peak Performance could be a better set if it was redesigned, since I like highlights sets. No wonder people liked 2011 Topps so much when it first came out - this set was so boring that anything would be better.

If you're interested in any of the cards you see here, leave a comment! Once I'm done with the box, I'll post a summary page with card numbers and what-not for your use in set building. I think some people are still putting this sucker together?


  1. I'm not collecting the set, or even the All-Star cards in it (I've got plenty of them). But I am collecting the Tales of the Game set, and could use the Strasburg.

  2. Definitely still putting this sucker together....almost done! I still need:

    254, 262, 271, 284

    Let me know if you run across any of those!


  3. I need Church, Moreland, and Medlen. Shoot me an email. jcm731ATgmailDOTcom

  4. Putting this set together as well...when you get done let me know what you need for yo Momma set, maybe we can work a trade..

  5. Robert, I've decided I'm not doing the Mom set, at least right now. But if you have any needs from the set let me know. I've got a full numbered list posting this afternoon.