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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Racking up 2011 Topps Chrome.

I made a Target run for no reason other than to find some packs to open Sunday evening. About $35 later I walked out with 10 sticker packs (you already saw those), a couple Obak baseball packs (you'll see those tomorrow), and a rack pack of Topps Chrome.

You probably already know what to expect with a non-flagship Topps rack pack or blister - three regular packs and some exclusive parallel cards shoved inside. I guess it makes the opening of packs more exciting!

So what did I pull? That's all you care about, right?
 Pack one: Nothing really special. Matt Kemp is just a regular Chrome Throwback. I don't know how I feel about these. They just don't look good enough to be commemorated.
 Second pack: Atomic Refractor of Morneau is kind of nice. At least there are some decent players in this pack.
 Last pack: Weaver is okay, and the Braun refractor is ... okay too.
As for the orange refractors, blah. Nishioka isn't so hot here in the states. This season he's batting .226 with only 19 RBI. Granted, he broke his fibula at the beginning of the season, and maybe he's better in the field, but he's certainly not turning out the numbers he had in Japan. Buchholz is on the DL, and Dunn is batting a whopping .162 this year and his OBP is much lower than any other time in his career.

I'll keep the Buchholz and Dunn orange refractors. Everything else on this page is for trade!


  1. I'm interested in the Nunez and Cano, Ryan. I too picked up a rack pack but didn't pull any Yanks. What teams/players are you looking for?

    Let me know! Until then, enjoy the "essence of syrup" (free in every pack)


  2. Okay Ryan, I am determined to get our deal done. I have been very behind on this one - my apologies.

    Can you add the Braun to my pile?

    I'm going to figure all of this out once and for all and find something for you!

    My apologies.