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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This Subset is Cool: 2008 BBM 2nd Version Team Check Lists

This would be a good week to post Calbee sets. Unfortunately, I don't have scans of the 1980s sets, so I'm using this time to show off some of the full sets or subsets I haven't really shared.

BBM's annual flagship set has been sorted by team almost since the company began selling trading cards - the first few sets were kind of random, but soon things evened out. Those early BBM flagship sets had team checklists and regular checklists, but soon went with just team checklists.

These days, the checklists list all of the base cards and inserts, and even hits in many cases. The fronts are usually team-related images. They've done team logos several times, and way too many mascot cards. The 2008 2nd Version set appealed to me, so here it is in all of its glory:
 Yomiuri Giants: This might have been the first card I saw in this set. And Rami-chan dancing with the mascots is certainly entertaining.
 Chunichi Dragons: This is one of the weaker cards in the set, other than the player crouching to catch a dropped pop fly there's nothing remotely entertaining. And honestly, if I was really backing him up, I think actually flipping the glove the other way around would be more effective for snagging a dropped pop-up.
 Hanshin Tigers: Hats falling off of players is nothing new, but the timing of this shot and the way the hat is resting makes this an amusing shot. Add mullet, and you have a winner.
 Tokyo Yakult Swallows: A mascot crouching behind the plate isn't that interesting, and the addition of carp streamers (probably from Children's Day) doesn't do much for this card. This is a Bart Simpson-level submission.
 Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters: A fun team shot, something not often seen on cards. Especially posing like that.
 Chiba Lotte Marines: This image belongs on a regular card. Cracked bat shots are pretty awesome. Loss of points for putting it in the wrong place.
 Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks: Celebratory cards aren't that impressive, but one player heading to the locker room to get a shower before anyone else uses up all the hot water is.
 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles: While I agree that bats are high in fiber, I don't recommend serving them as appetizers at your next house party.
 Saitama Seibu Lions: Another celebratory shot, but facial expressions say it all. And the wrist watch.
 Orix Buffaloes: Yet another celebratory shot. I guess the water cooler was too heavy. This might be the worst card in the bunch.
 Hiroshima Toyo Carp: Here's something better, with a player leaping to get that bunt down. At least, that's the assumption. Without having seen 99% of the cards in the flagship set, I'm going to guess that this is the best image in the whole set.
Yokohama BayStars: Ultramen with a player doing poses. This might be better than the Giants card, as these are costumed TV characters, not just team mascots. But everyone is actually dancing on the Giants card, while this is just a pose.

I'm going with the Giants as the best card in the set. What's your favorite?