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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fuchiko's Back to Hang Around Some More

I had a successful day at the UFO Catcher on Wednesday, coming back with six more Fuchikos after lunch! Some of these are the same style I already have, but the more, the merrier, right?
Panty shot unintentional. It's kind of hard to get my iPhone to focus properly on these.
Another bikini version. I think this is a repeat.
This, too, is probably my second one. She hangs by her twin tails (double pony tail).
See what I mean about focus? This yellow Fuchiko sits facing the inside of the glass instead of the outside.
Go Japan! Though I think I have this one already, too.
Last but not least, I finally got this green lady to balance properly on the rim of the glass. The empty glass I had been using for the other Fuchiko figures wasn't wide enough, so I put her on my Jack and Coke. Luckily she never tried swimming!

This is probably the end of Fuchiko for a while. I might try to get something else next time!


  1. Do they ever have baseball cards or baseball memorabilia UFO catchers? Looks like you had a good time!

    1. I don't recall ever seeing anything baseball related in the UFO catchers. There is an anime about high school baseball and things from that show have been in the catchers, but nothing from NPB. That said, it's possible that there are UFO catchers at/near baseball stadiums that have baseball goods.