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Friday, December 12, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Braves Achievement

Yesterday's post brought you the Hawks Achievement set, part of a new series of box set releases honoring prior greats from many NPB teams. 
The Braves Achievement set has 29 cards, just like the Hawks set. This one uses a red tint for the front photo's border and back text.

While the photos aren't as sharp and crisp as you find on other BBM releases, they match the theme of the set without being overly grainy - something I notice and dislike about Heritage. And BBM doesn't do throwback very often, so this is a welcome series!
Again, there are gold-foil printed autograph cards, limited to around fifty to sixty copies each. There are a total of 1229 cards inserted into the boxes.
And of course, autographs make up the remaining 1771 cards found in boxes. There are 20 subjects, with print runs from 60 to 100. I'm not sure if they're on card or stickered, but looking at the actual scan of a card above, it appears that the Achievement series is on-card.

I mentioned yesterday that this series might be called Oldies or Achievement. The base set and boxes refer to the issue as Hawks Achievement. But the autograph cards say Oldies Collection; note that the top of these cards and the front of the base set cards translate as "Recollection of Hankyu Braves".


  1. I love that first card, one of the best shots of a submariner that I've ever seen!

  2. I see a good number of submarine pitchers in Japan, but that is a pretty nice image!