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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tokyo Summer Card Festa! 2014 Review: The MLBers

Essentially finishing off my purchases from the Card Festa show, let's look at some MLB cards. Most of these were in my last purchase, so it's a good place to stop.
 First, a single 1989 Topps Mini from 2014 Topps Series 2. For 10 yen (10 cents). If only I could find a whole bunch of these for 10 cents each. Trying to put together this mini set is not easy!
 From the same dealer, I purchased a large number of 2014 Goodwin Champions singles. There were several short prints in with the regular cards, and they were all 10 yen each! My base set is nearly complete, though I need several SPs.
 There were several Goudey inserts too. I just bought all of those that were in the box, though I don't think I'm going to put together the set. If you want any of these, we can start a trade.

 On one hand these are somewhat cool, but not worth building a set of.

 I also have nine SP extras. They are pictured here and are for trade.

 This 2011 insert was rescued from the box, but isn't for trade. I might go back and build this set in the future.
 One place I wish I had spent more time was a dollar "hit" box, full of low-level MLB autographs and relics. I picked up a couple from another dealer, but because I had spent all my money on BBM and Calbee cards, I couldn't afford a bunch of MLB cards. Maybe next year...
I did spend a good bit of my money on these four hits. The two Museum Collection cards ran me $3 each, a certainly acceptable price to pay! Ted Williams was $4 and the black (silver?) metal Koufax was $6. I'm not sure what these go for on eBay but if you factor in shipping I figure I got a good deal.

Of course, attending this show makes me want to come back to the States all the more to go to some good card shows where I can bring back tons of cards. And I just discovered that there is apparently a card show (the winter version of Card Festa) scheduled for December 23rd in the Tokyo area! I'll have to start saving already... and that's right before a major holiday vacation!


  1. Great buys! You're getting better prices on a lot of those cards than we see here in the States!

  2. Tony: yeah, these are great deals, but overall cards are so much more expensive here. That's one thing I miss about US shows - I could find all kinds of fantastic bargains. The idea of a bargain here can be just 5% off, which is ridiculous.