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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tokyo Summer Card Festa! 2014 Review: The Calbees

I've been working on a major update of my NPB lists, which can involve a lot of translating from the SCM guide. Just before the card show, I went through the "modern" Calbee sets to check on all the parallels and insert sets.

It turns out there are several Calbee parallels that weren't in my spreadsheets at first, either because they weren't listed in Engel's guide or I overlooked them while making my spreadsheets. Add the separately-numbered checklists to that as well.

I haven't added the older-issue subsets though I think I might go ahead and have a comprehensive type collection for Calbee. But, I digress.

There were plenty of Calbee cards from the past 15 years or so, including most of the parallels I needed. 

 I didn't scan them, but I found the singles I needed to complete my Calbee Series 1 and 2 sets, except for the Star Cards. I really need to finish the Star Cards, but my card buying has been focusing on the type collection.
I also found one old Calbee card for my type collection, from the '78 Pennant Race series. Late '70s Calbee cards are extremely tough to find.

I still need a good handful of Calbee cards for my type collection, but I was quite happy with what I found at the Card Festa show.

Tomorrow, some BBMs!

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