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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Non-Sports Coolness 1

Since I'm still in Korea when this post goes live, I'm setting it (and the rest in this series) before-hand. I found each of these packs for 10 yen each, though there don't seem to be any more.
 Released by Krome Productions, this set is titled Evil Ernie II, I think. I don't know anything about it, but once I opened the pack I was greeted by several scantily clad ladies.
 They don't look very nice, though.
 I wouldn't want to cross either of their paths.
 Ooh! A contest! Oh, it ended in 1995.
 This is my favorite card, since it's more cartoonish. That must be Evil Ernie himself.
 Next, a 10-card pack of Marvel Onslaught, under the Fleer Ultra name.
 I know Storm!
 There's a small coloring book inside.

 Hulk! I remember the 1980s show! And that really bad movie.
I pulled a random card. Or a Random card. Lots of X-Men characters in this pack!


  1. I'm not entirely sure, but I think Evil Ernie is the character next to the contest entry form... The guy who looks like he became a deranged killer after being kicked out of the band Kiss.

  2. I prefer the cartoony guy. So Evil Ernie isn't that cool after all.