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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Crazy Tribute to Topps Tribute

Am I crazy, or what? I have too much on my plate right now. Actually, I probably should take a week off from blogging to get caught up on other things, both in cards and in my personal life. 

I have emails going back to February and even farther that I need to address (not necessarily reply to, just address). I have to get to the post office and mail about five trade packages. (Thank you everyone for your patience!) I need to clean my bathroom, do the dishes, wash the window. I have to get some stacks of cards put away. There is a long vacation (two, actually) to plan and a possible weekend trip at the start of June to prepare for.
And then there are my want lists. They are beyond crazy. They're insane.
And of course, I keep adding to them, even when my focus has been on Japanese cards. Now, there are two more sets on my want list.
I've always admired Topps Tribute. There's no way I'm paying for a pack, because the lottery isn't worth it for me. But at lower prices, I have been picking up singles here in Tokyo. I have 7% of the 2014 set already! I'd like to have just one base set complete, and I decided to get these 2014 singles. I might change my focus and go after a different set because I recall seeing a bunch of singles at a different store in Tokyo from a different year. We'll see...
And as far as Tribute goes, one set would be enough. But 2013's WBC saw only one large release to recognize the players involved in the competition. That set was a Topps Tribute release. It's another 100 cards, and I only have five (three shown below).
Tribute is beautiful. I really like the way they scan and holding them in person is fun. It reminds me of Gold Label, another set I'll probably tackle at some point.
If you can get a bunch of Tribute singles from any one set super-cheap let me know soon and I might work out a purchase (most likely) or trade with you! Now to try to get something productive done...


  1. Wow Crazy Eddie! That takes me back to my high school days in the greater New York area.

    1. I never saw any of the original commercials as a child, but the spoofs made their way into a lot of things I did watch. I'm sure something ended up on SNL, at the least.

    2. There's a scene in the movie "Splash" where Daryl Hannah is in a department store electronics department and is startled when a "Crazy Eddie" commercial comes on. It was always fun explaining to people from outside the area that that was a real commercial, not something made for the movie.

    3. I saw Splash just once, many many years ago. I'm wondering if I should give it another shot.