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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Non-Sport Coolness 3

Another Marvel product here called Marvel Vision. I know Iron Man but not the other characters.
 There are three Iron Man cards in a row! It looks like the cards feature the X-Men, Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. The Encryptalyzer can be used with the mini-magazine insert below.

 The cards are cool, if just serving as character cards.
They'd be so much better if they were scenes from actual comic book or movie stories.
 The next pack is called Razor. It has some pretty graphic images and more barely-clothed ladies.
 A hacker girl! I can relate to her! And I just noticed that she has a Totoro toy sitting next to her computer! That's actually really cool.
 No idea what's going on.
 No idea at all. It's like Batman, and Teen Wolf, with women.
Isn't she afraid of her hair catching fire with all those candles laying around?

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