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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A couple packs of Owners League Masters

I should mention that I'm very tired right now so I'm going to post this as simply and quickly as possible. I might have some errors in there. I probably have errors in there.

I should know better, I really should. But I saw these packs in a convenience store and dropped about $5 more than I should have.  Each one was about 300 yen for 3 cards!
 The first is the Owners League Masters from 2013.
 This is a retired player set, but it's played just like the regular Owners League game. But I don't really know how to do that.
 Each card has a special code number and a QR code on the back (which I've blocked out) because it's a computer game.
 The pack had an insert that gave details on how to play, and an additional code. I don't know what that would provide.
 The second pack is the 2014 version of Owners League Masters. This has been an annual series since 2012 at least - I don't think there are 2011 Masters cards but I haven't really done any research at this point.
 The design is a bit different but the information is essentially the same. The borders are white instead of full-bleed.
 Again the backs have codes to play online.
The insert I got this time had a checklist on one side, though it shows the Dragons in the checklist the player I pulled isn't on it. This is also a great time to show the tiers of cards: Master cards are the most common, followed by Star Master, Great Master, and Premium Master. These "subsets" serve as SPs at best, because they are numbered as part of the regular set.

So why were these packs such a waste of money? I paid $1 per card when the local store has singles from 60 yen each - and I only needed one from each year. Yes, the premium, great, and star cards come at a higher price, but I'm not putting together a team! ... yet.


  1. Lovely, looks like when I finally get to checklisting these, I'll have to decipher the players' names again. Hours of fun.

  2. But at least you have hiragana on the back, if you have access to those images.