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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Newish Acquisitions and a bunch of BBM Checklists

I don't have much to say about the cards in this collection other than they're more cards for my Japanese Type Collection, which is moving along pretty nicely right now. A few of these are ones I didn't have listed, and I'll try to note those below.
 The first one is an uncatalogued card from what I think is a four-card set. I know that there is a left-side card for this with another Fighters player and the rest of their pink mascot of the time. I also saw a single Giants card in similar fashion, implying that another card would match. They commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Tokyo Dome, and the backs are essentially identical. Given the other text they either promote or were given away at a sports card show in late 1998, and carry a BBM copyright. I think the big text in black, in the center of the card, says "Pro Baseball Dream Market in Tokyo Dome".
 Promos just keep popping up all over the place. This is from the 2010 cross-brand set Cross Stream.
 Rookie Edition set inserts.
 Here's another "Special Promotion Card" from 2010, with a fancy radial-holographic foil background that you can see in the scan.
 2010 had a lot of promo cards, but I think this year there might be more. All the sets seem to have nine-card promo sets so far, and First Edition had a few different 12-card promo sets.
 Giants set inserts. I discovered a binder that had some team set inserts, which I was glad for because I thought I would be out of luck with the older team inserts.
 Parallels. The 2001 Tigers card really has a purple signature. The other two are silver signatures from 2010.
 Horiuchi comes from another insert set, but Martinez comes from a Yomiuri set that I wasn't sure I'd find!
I found two years of Yomiuri cards plus a few Uehara puzzle cards. I only need one, so I only bought one.

So that's last week's card store purchases, though I have a new batch next to me waiting to be scanned, and at least three new sets get released this week. But I mentioned checklists. Identifying BBM parallels is really tough, and the website isn't much help, but I was looking at some of this year's checklists that get included with unopened boxes. There are details on parallels, and it seems to be complete for each set.
 You can click and enlarge the checklists if you want, of course. The written numbers is the price charged for those players; the rest are 40 yen each now at this store. You can see that every rookie carries a premium, as do many of the foreigners. The "rookie" foreigners are most likely to be more expensive.

[Assume for this paragraph I'm reading my Japanese accurately.] Odds are listed as 1:10 for the Great Hit Makers insert, 1:20 for Wonder Rookies, and the Lightning set is serial numbered to 50 copies. The regular cards with * following their name have three foil signed parallels at 100/50/25 copies, and seem to come 1:7 packs. Rookie cards have a parallel limited to 100 copies. All subsets (except team checklists) have serial-numbered parallels, though the sheet doesn't list quantities.
 The Carp set indicates that some players have a parallel to 100 copies, and the Soul of Carp insert has a parallel to 100 copies.
 The Swallows set has just the base cards and an insert, though the insert has a /100 parallel as well.
 The Eagles 10th Anniversary checklist lists no parallels.
 The Buffaloes 25th Anniversary team set has no regular parallels, but the Strongest Nine Players insert has a parallel to 100 cards. This card lists the odds for the insert set at 1:7.
 The Hawks checklist has no parallels at all. I might have a full type collection for this set; I think I got the memorabilia and autograph a couple weeks ago.
Finally, the Buffaloes regular team set is quite colorful, but there are no parallels mentioned. I know there is a parallel of the insert set because I just bought it.

Given the sporadic availability of information, I hope BBM sticks with the more-detailed checklists in future products. Or at least posts this information on the website!


  1. The pink mascot for the Fighters was named "Fighty". Sounds like he was named by Homer Simpson.

    I started working on my post for this year's 1st Version last night and kind of threw up my hands when it came to figuring out the parallels.

  2. Of course, I could have just looked at the post you did about 1st Version already to find out about the parallels....D'oh!

  3. I understand when BBM can't provide details on autographs and relics, but I'm surprised how tough it is to find details on parallels without having the cards first-hand. Topps at least provides that.