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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Calbee Series 1 Recents and Want List

Someone asked for an image of the bag of Calbee card chips, but I haven't had an opportunity to post it until now! Series 2 will be coming out soon, but I'm still not done with Series 1. I cheated a bit and picked up some of the inserts at card stores when I've found them cheap.
 Climax Series: Complete.
 I finally have some checklists. After this weekend, I only need one more. The images are varied; this one has mascots, but the other two I have are action shots.
 The back of the checklist.
 I didn't get either of the League Champions cards in packs, but they were cheap too.
 Here's the back. I like the inclusion of the standings.
 And the Giants League Champions card.
 Here's another checklist, number 3.
 Climax Series: Done.
 I bought a few Starcards too, expecting that this will be the toughest part of the set to complete.
 I bought six total!
 I still need a handful more. I was in a card shop today looking in their display cases and saw a red foil signature card from a prior year - maybe 2010 or 2011? It was alongside some gold foil signatures. I wonder if they still do red foil signatures.
The last (in today's post) insert set, Legends, is finished. Sitting on the fence like that can't be comfortable.

So here's my want list. Cards I need are in bold red text. I tried to "hide" the completed subset columns but it didn't work. I need 19 regular cards, one checklist, and six Starcards.

My "for trade" list:
6 10 10 20 23 25 29 31 35 36 36 41 43 44 46 51 52 55 57 63 64 69 71 72 72 73 82 82 83 84 84
Nippon Series NS-1, Starcard S-14 S-18 S-20.

I think I did pretty good, despite four triplicates.


  1. Love the Calbee products... I really wish Lays or another chip company in the states would do something similar. It would definitely get me to buy more chips.

    1. I'm surprised it hasn't happened. And I know times have changed since the 1990s when every food product had baseball cards, but there has to still be a market for this. Perhaps the MLBPA priced themselves out of it - and from what I've heard that's actually a very strong possibility.

  2. Hi,
    I just checked and I have a lot of them. All of these I have doubles of (basically all the regular cards you need except #12)


    Unfortuantely I don`t have doubles of C-1 or the Star Cards you need.

    1. Thanks Sean! Can you send me an email, because yours doesn't show up? Are there any Star Cards in my list above that you need, that I can trade in return? I've started Series 2 but I have no duplicates yet.