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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Collecting Korea: Schedules and Tickets

One thing some collectors are into is pocket schedules. However, I noticed that they were pretty tough to come by. I kept my eye open for myself and another collector who is also interested in schedules, but only came home with two:
 The SK Wyverns (not Wyrvens... why is that so hard to remember?) had normal-sized pocket schedules.
 They're pretty standard, actually, with a full schedule and ticket pricing, and plenty of ad panels.
 The Kia Tigers had a nice schedule, too, but it is larger than normal (about 4-1/2" x 3-1/4") so I couldn't scan the whole thing. It has five panels on each size, but the schedule only covers the first half of the season on three panels with six whole panels devoted to Kia automobiles.
 As for tickets, stadium tickets are pretty nice featuring team designs and frequently photos. Above is a SK Wyverns ticket, the last game I saw.
 Here is a Nexen Heroes ticket, the first game I saw.
 Tuesday's game was in Masan, hosted by the NC Dinos.
 Saturday's game was in Seoul, at Jamsil Stadium. This is an LG Twins game ticket; LG was the home team and the Doosan Bears were the visitors though they both call Jamsil home.
 The Hanwha Eagles are in Daejeon, a surprisingly large city about an hour south of Seoul on the high-speed train. They have the only vertical ticket of this trip.
I have a Kia Tigers schedule, so it should be no surprise that I traveled to Gwangju to see a Tigers game; the Wyverns were the visiting team here. I like the ticket, which features a picture of the new stadium and the stadium's logo in the background.

I keep my tickets as souvenirs, mounting them on a sheet of paper with the box score from the game. I'm not sure I'll have a good translation of the names, so I'll probably leave the box score in Hangul.

Do you collect schedules or tickets? What do you do with them?

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