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Monday, May 5, 2014

Non-Sport Coolness 5

Let's finish strong, with one of the best movies of the 1990s! In some circles, at least.
 Mars Attacks! I have this widevision set issued by Topps already, but thought it would be fun to open a pack here in Japan.
 Has anyone tried to pull off a Mars Attacks martian costume for cosplay? I'm not searching the net to find out.
 Mmm. Roasted retriever.
 The behind-the-scenes cards are pretty cool.
 There are lots of martians on these cards.
 I never collected the original Mars Attacks cards or knew anything about it until this movie came out, but since then I can see that the cards try to follow the basic premise of the card set.
 First course: roasted retriever. Then, char-grilled beef herded right to your table! What a feast!
 And for dessert, fried politicians. I'm not sure that's appetizing. I'd like some fried oreos or twinkies.
Did you know Natalie Portman is in this movie? She plays the president's daughter. Thanks for bearing with me through the past 10 days of simple posts; I should be back from my trip to Korea now and back to thoughtful posts soon!


  1. Cool cards even though I'm not a huge fan of widescreen cards, mostly because of the problem of how to store them. 8 pocket binder pages?

    Yes it does look like someone has cosplayed as a Martian at least one time:

    I need to watch that movie again its been a few years. The last time I saw it was one one of the cable stations I think it was already in progress when I started that time.

  2. One of my favorite movies from the 90s, Tim Burton did the Mars Attacks product line proud with his vision.

  3. CaptKirk42: Storage has always been a pain. I think 300-count boxes, loaded sideways, worked well. There are 6-pocket pages which hold them properly if you're a binder guy. Thanks for the picture; that's a cool costume! And agreed: I really would like to watch it again soon too!

    Corky: I wonder if anyone could do a reboot/sequel that's anywhere as good as this one.