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Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's an addiction, I tell ya!

I love playing those crane games. I went to Ikebukuro for some card shopping, and I picked up a few things there which you'll see soon, but while all my card scans (and photos of my other Korean baseball souvenirs) are uploading, I figured I would share my pick-ups (pun intended) from the UFO Catchers in Ikebukuro.
 Aw, that's so cute!
 Hm. That's kind of creepy.
 Put them together and you get this thing. I've seen it all over the place although I don't know what it is! This guy was positioned well in the arcade closest to Ikebukuro Station. I don't have a lot of luck at that location, usually, despite how easy it seems to win there. But I was successful this time.
 From that same shop, I got this. I don't know what it is, but it's Disney. Does Scrump sound familiar? [A little research shows that Scrump is Lilo's doll from Lilo and Stitch. I've never seen that movie.]
 Hungry? I saw some bakery goods in the arcade near the movie theater, but one try showed me that I wouldn't have any starch at that location. So I continued on through the Round1 and Sega arcades without any luck. But there's a smaller arcade on the corner across from the shoe shop which I sometimes do well at. 200 yen later and I had a couple pieces of bread.
 This is the other side of the piece above. It's not real food, of course. It looks real, though.
 My other prize was a pretzel. I would love to have a croissant, but there weren't any that could be easily won so I settled for these.
This fish came from the arcade near the movie theater. It took more than it should have, and I was actually going after a turtle. No turtle, but at least I have some googly-eyed sea creature to show for it!

Someday I'll post a bit more about actually going to arcades here. Someday.


  1. Wow. You're really good at those machines. I've never won anything out of those. My nephew is pretty good at it though. Btw... are the bread and pretzel thing really soft? Like a mediation ball/sponge? If so, those things are really popular among some 7th graders at my school. They call them "squishies". I think they're cool in the sense that it's kids collecting something.

    1. These aren't really spongy, though they are soft. There are other items which are most like that. I have some vegetables that are really awesome and squishy. It's always good when kids collect something. I started with books, rocks, shells, coins, stamps, Micro Machines, Hot Wheels, stickers... anything that I could get different kinds of.

  2. That bear is a character in the Anime Dangaronpa.