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Friday, May 30, 2014

I Own Owners League (cards)

I don't understand why games like this never really took off in America. Have they tried them? Most games like this are simulation games that require managerial strategy and a little bit of hand-eye coordination, but have very little pitch-by-pitch game play. I think that makes them great for on-the-go cell phone gamers looking to pit themselves against other players in a simulation, or to play a game or season by collecting cards and building a team.

The cards themselves aren't ugly, though I'm not a big fan of the designs. Photos are good and there are the usual statistics and such on the back in addition to some gameplay information.

Here are some Owners League cards from 2013 and 2014. Note that while the cards are marketed by year and series-in-the-year, the cards are numbered by series from inception. Also, I've blurred out the QR code and card code at the bottom of each image.
 Owners League 2013 Series 2 is really Series 14.
 Series 3 is really Series 15.
And the fourth series from 2013 is really Series 16. I've opened some of these before, and they feature the green Tohoku jerseys and Japan Series Champions logos for the Rakuten Golden Eagles cards. I wouldn't mind having one of those green jerseys if I can get it cheap enough.
This is a "Star" card from 2014 Series 1, AKA Series 17. Star cards are short prints, using foil on the front, but are still numbered as part of the regular set. I wish I had a regular 2014 card here to show you! One thing I plan on doing in the near future is checking my inventory of Owners League cards and ensuring I have cards from all the series. There's a Baseball Game Magazine that I might thumb through to get some details, if it has any.


  1. Nice to see that there's another card company in Japan (besides Calbee) that acknowledges that the Eagles won last year's Series...

  2. I wonder if BBM had a whole bunch of Giants Nippon Series Victory cards already printed up and got burned because they couldn't sell them.