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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Newish Release: 2014 Saitama Seibu Lions Rookies & Young Stars

The third set (in the order of my posting, not release) from Frontier International in the Rookies & Young Stars line is for the Lions. This and the Carp set were the first two to be released, followed by the Buffaloes and BayStars.
 Black borders and design elements return here, this time with what looks like it might be a sponge paint design. Or ripped paper. I can't really define it, honestly. It's different but with a similar theme. The backs are identical to the other sets. There are some design differences between star cards (see the promo below) and young star and legends (using the above design).
Like the other sets, card number 1 is the team's manager. Cards 2-8 are stars, 9-22 are young stars, and cards 23 and 24 are labeled Lions Legends. There are seven Lions rookies with autographed "base" cards, numbered 25-31. There are also three promos with the same design as the base card but PROMO- prefixes on the card numbers (numbered 1-3).
There are several autograph sets in this issue. Of course, there are the seven autographed rookie cards. They each have a print run of 20 cards, with one only having 10 cards. Two players have 1/1 red ink versions.
 The Authentic Signatures set has 24 cards, each with a print run of 20 cards except for one with a print run of five. Ten of them have a 1-card red ink parallel. This includes the Lion Legends "subset".
 There are two Gold Glove Winners' Signature cards, and one "Historic Moments" signed card, each with print runs of five cards and a 1/1 red ink version.
 There are two Authentic Dual Signatures cards with a print run of five each and 1/1 red ink cards. Four Draft #1 Pick Dual Signatures cards, with print runs of 20 cards each, two of which have 1/1 red ink parallels, round out the checklist.
Here's the autograph checklist, which I was able to find at a reasonable size online. Based on the checklist above, there are 700 regular cards with black ink and 19 total red ink cards.

Due to the low print runs, I'm somewhat inspired to pick up base sets for myself! At 8000 yen for an unopened box with one autographed card and a complete set, I won't take that plunge. But supporting diversity in the card market should be encouraged, right?

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