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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

2007 Sakurado Miss Flash Complete Set (2006 Miss Flash)

This fifteen-card set was released in a box along with a video and some other goodies, but you're here for cards, right?
So there are the cards at the top, a button and a strap, a DVD, the special card, and the large "life photo" print. My scanner chopped off the right edge of this scan.
 Loose in the box was a special card. I'm not sure exactly what options were there, but I'm guessing single-signed and multi-signed cards could be found.
 My loose card, as you see, was a "print autograph" card, serial numbered 006/500.

Before getting to the base set, Flash is a photo magazine focusing on pretty girls - celebrities, models, etc. - cover girls these days are members of idol groups, but others can be found inside. Miss Flash is a beauty pageant started by the magazine in 2006. This card set features the winner, runners-up, and Jury Special Award winners from that first competition. (Miki was the winner, Natsuki and Ako runners-up, and Yuki won the special award.) Despite the competition being in 2006, the set has a 2007 copyright, so it must have been released early in the year.

There are 15 regular cards. Each of the four ladies in the set have three cards each, with the remaining three cards featuring group photos. Here is the base set:

With each model getting three cards, there are six solo photos for each. The quad cards feature two photos each, with a total of five different outfits (card 14 has the same costumes on front and back). I wonder if any costume cards were made for this set.

Anyway, until next time...


  1. So adorable. I'd have voted for Ako and then Natsuki....

  2. Oh Miki, you’re so fine.... interesting set.

  3. I'm going to have to go with SumoMenkoMan on this one - Miki is my favorite. Sorry GCA. Though all of them are certainly attractive.

  4. Yuki or Natsuki. Both are cuties.