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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Korea in Japan: More Cards from Dan

Dan of Korean Cardboard and I recently traded packages, as I'd collected a few more Lee cards, and he picked up some more KBO singles. Here's my side of the exchange:
Nine team logo cards. 
 Eight mascot cards. One team, the Wyverns, didn't have a mascot card.
 Nine team cards, featuring photos of each team on the field.

While I don't plan on collecting any major KBO sets in their entirety, I'm happy to have these cards which represent all of the teams in KBO as part of my collection. I normally wouldn't want subsets like these but for one issue it's great to have!
 There were two more type cards from SMG/Ntreev in the package along with the subsets. This single is from the "Clear Card" subset from the third Baseball's Best Players set, Forever Ace. Despite its name, the card itself isn't clear.
But this one is, from the first series. Baseball's Best Players: Hell's Fireball had actual clear cards, and you can see the backs are completely blank. Sure, acetate is gimmicky, but I like it!

Thanks Dan for some great cards! I'm glad you got your package, too!


  1. God I loved those Blue Edition team cards! Even the mascot ones - especially the NC Dinos card.

  2. I love team cards in every sport. My favorite logo here is the Giants, as I really enjoy the antics of seagulls.

    1. But it does beg the question: what would living with giant seagulls be like? I guess one only needs to watch Finding Nemo for an answer, of sorts.