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Thursday, May 7, 2015

San Francisco Area Readers - A Question

I'll be going back to the US for a couple weeks at the end of the month to visit family and get fat again on all that delicious American food I've been missing for the past three and a half years. So I have a question... more than one, really. Any help is appreciated!

Are there any card shows happening the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June in the SF Bay Area? It seems that I'm going to miss the San Leandro show, but perhaps there are a couple minor shows at the malls in San Jose or Tanforan or something.

What does the card shop situation look like now? I know about Stevens Creek Sports Cards and the two other stores as part of that group (Sunnydale and El Camino). Are there any stores with nickel or dime boxes, or decent quarter boxes? Or really good deals that I should check out? I'll definitely be heading to the San Jose area so anything on the peninsula is fine, and even East Bay, Marin, etc are possible.

I've specifically asked Fuji about this, but does anyone else have any suggestions for flea markets while I'm there? I'm guessing the Capitol Flea Market might be worth visiting.

Thank you all for your help! If I can just get to one decent card show I'll be pretty happy.

Since I'm going to San Francisco... and there has been talk of a reunion show:
Creepy. I really should watch the full run of that show!


  1. For shows, Beckett has a pretty good listing that is searchable and customizable with dates and cities here: It doesn't get them all, but it gets a lot and gives you an idea of how large the show will be.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Tony - Thank you for the link. I forgot about Beckett having show listings, but I just checked and nothing came up. It's highly possible there are no shows those two weekends, but hopefully someone knows something.

  3. About time you got back to the US, Ryan! Definitely let's get together during your visit and I'll get you a good tour of the remaining east bay shops. The guy with the great quarter and dollar boxes who sets up at area shows has a store in the Newpark mall, we should definitely check that out. No shows that I'm aware of those weekends.

  4. I sent you an email in regards to the flea markets. If you decide to go to De Anza, let me know. I should be out there.

    P.S. Saget has officially scarred me for life.

  5. Mr. Haverkamp - can you send me an email? I'm still not sure about my schedule yet, though the weekends are most likely packed. My family is taking me to the Giants game on the 31st now too (yay!).

    Fuji - Thanks! There is something happening on the 6th but I don't know what. I'm going to talk to my mom about it and hopefully I can swing down there for an hour or two.

    Saget is awesome. Creepy, but awesome.

    (And I just realized that pretty much every email I sent/received before 2012 is gone, thanks to the computer crash I had last year.)