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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Been a Month...

I haven't posted in a little more than month! I've been too busy or too tired to post. I know, it's no excuse. But sometimes there are other things that come first.

Let's see... the new school year started in Japan, and while I seem to have fewer actual classes I'm still pretty tired at the end of the day.

I spent most of March cleaning my apartment thoroughly and have used some of my free time to complete my spring cleaning. I'm still not done - there are some things I need to dispose of, not an easy task in Japan.

This morning, I returned from my Golden Week vacation trip. I didn't catch any games, but I did visit one Japanese baseball stadium, the site of an older stadium, and several card shops. Planning out this trip was a bit more difficult than usual because I was in a different town every day; I could spend multiple nights in a few places but over 11 nights I had seven beds (three of those were actually bus seats). Logistics is one of my strong points but it's still time consuming.

I have been rebuilding my inventory spreadsheets for my type collection, which now includes some database functions. I'm going to apply the same basic system for my other collections; I have too many spreadsheets and I'd like to reduce them down to something more manageable.

And I have still been collecting! Buck Farmer has popped up in Topps, Donruss, Bowman, and Diamond Kings this year, and the chase is still on for many of the parallels in those issues. I've bought or built a few sets, too - Gypsy Queen's base is done but I need inserts, and I have already met one of my goals this year to get six "flagship" sets from prior years. And Japanese cards are still slowly being added to my collection.

Meanwhile, this came up in my video feed. Remember how I used to post videos all the time? (No? Has it been that long?) Well, here's one for today:
I loved Ferrell's impressions of Caray on SNL, so it was pretty fun to watch him make an appearance on Letterman again.