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Monday, March 31, 2014

State of the Blog Address: March

Here is a look at my 2014 goals and progress. My progress from a month ago is in green. I feel like I haven't made much progress, though I know things keep moving along.

1. 65% Japanese Type Collection. I need to update for some recent purchases. I bought several rare cards and recent releases (many of which aren't in my database) that need to be inventoried. However, I really need to update my spreadsheets with sets I now know about: Calbee 2014 and possibly some parallel sets; BBM rare, autograph, relic and parallel issues; and oddball listings added to Engel's latest guide. Currently, I'm at 61.45%.  (Last Month: 60%)

1b. Finish Calbee: I went backwards, because I added in some updated late 1970s series, especially 1978, plus I added in Homerun cards. I have more total cards in inventory, but due to the added sets I now need 27 cards. (Last month: 14 needed)

2. Continue Calbee posts: I hacked out a post for the 1975-76 set. I think once I get past the 1970s I'll move a bit faster. I've been trying to gather samples I'm still missing for the 1977-1979 issues before I write the posts. (Last month: 1974)

2b. Start BBM posts: I've been posting new releases as they come out, but as always this will be on hold until Calbee is done. (As always, 0%)

2c. Make a Table of Contents: I need a day to go through and finish this up. (5%)

3. Make new release posts on time: I've been keeping up pretty well lately; I just got Heritage out. I need to do Opening Day and some new BBM sets from last week. (Last month: 75%)

3b. Preview/review 2014 MLB sets: I skipped Tribute, but Heritage, Donruss, and flagship Topps have all been written. As I mentioned, next is Opening Day. April has a good release I expect to discuss. Maybe running about 60% now? (33%)

4. Do something with the Zoo: Nothing yet. Still nothing. (0%)

5. Finish the NPB Live Game Collection: I might have missed cards for the BayStars for two games. ...checking... yes. It looks like I have taken a step backwards. I would like to find a cheap BayStars team set from 2012 (or even 2011 or 2013) but I never see BayStars sets for sale. So, now I'm stuck at 92%. (99%)

5b. Start the MLB Live Game Collection: [This goal has been MET!] (100% in January)

6. Collect 2014 sets: Donruss is done. I won't get Topps until later in the year, but Gypsy Queen is due out in a couple weeks. Based on how many sets I'm expecting to buy, I'm at about 10%. (Last month: 0%)

6b. Collect 2014 insert sets: I have my Heritage News Flashbacks set. There are three other inserts that I really want to build: Topps 1989 Minis, Opening Day Between Innings, and Donruss Diamond Kings (subset). I just picked up some more singles so I'm going to probably build a couple more insert sets from flagship Topps. Next month, Gypsy Queen hits shelves and I want a mini-master set. I'm probably around 5% with 2014 releases, given that I'm sure I'll want about 20 insert sets from this year's offerings (including GQ, Ginter, and possibly some Panini product if I ever hear about it).   (Last month: 0%)

7. Post more information about Japanese card shops: [I should start planning how to do this...] Still at 0%.

8. Post about NPB awards[nothing yet, but once I finish my backlog of posts I'll go after this.] Still at 0%.

January: 1/14.
February: 1/14.
March: 1/14.

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