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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toss me a cold one, these Silver Bullets love baseball!

This is post #900. So I guess it's time to sit back, relax, and grab a cold one. Today's post is brought to you by Coors. Remember, Coors products are for adults. 21 means 21.

Yesterday I posted about a trade from NPB Card Guy. There were some more American cards in the box, but I thought I'd post about them separately. These are cards from the Silver Bullets women's baseball team from 1994!
 Julie Croteau. She must be a pitcher.
 Vivian Holm.
 Shannon Kimberling should know better than to run the bases without a helmet!
 Shereen Samonds doesn't seem to have played, but she still gets a jersey and a card as the general manager.
 Gina Satriano. The write-ups on the backs of the cards are fairly informative, despite not having any stats to include.
Stacy Sunny is last, who must be a middle infielder.

There are 9 cards in the set, so I'm missing three, including manager Phil Niekro. There's a foil stamp for one of the Coors beer products in the corner; Coors sponsored the team its entire life span. 1994 was their inaugural season, and these cards were available by purchasing beer. There are other sets as well, issued in subsequent years. The team folded after losing Coors sponsorship at the end of the 1997 season.
Now that I know they exist, and have most of the set, I'll have to get the rest - and chase after the other sets as well! Thanks for the cards, though, NPB Card Guy! I love them!


  1. I was pretty sure you'd like them. Glad to see I was right. I have the other team sets (and probably the full set of these) as well if you want them.

  2. Wouldn't mind finding that set. I interviewed Niekro that year and my boss played the Silver Bullets in one of those "men vs. women" games they had that year.

  3. NPB Card Guy: If you're willing to part with them, I'd be glad to have the full set(s)! But I can't get greedy...

    Fuji: totally!

    Mr. Owl: I saw a few on eBay but the prices seem to go all over the place. If you want to play the eBay game, that is. Niekro can be found on COMC (singles from this set are quite pricey there), though I haven't really checked around.