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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just Commons Part 5: USA! USA! USA! Team USA Cards! (Oops. Updated.)

In the past three months, I've really worked hard to knock down my want lists. I've succeeded in finishing off several sets, including some Team USA team sets from recent Bowman releases.
 Bowman Platinum: a set I could do without. Seriously, this is everything I dislike about baseball cards. Boring use of foil background, boring design, players nobody's heard of on cardboard only because they might become major leaguers at some point... I do like the Team USA cards, though.
 The 1993 Stadium Club Murphy Dome set has been quite elusive thanks to the inclusion of a certain Yankee legend. But I've managed to gather all the singles I need for the Team USA team set. I still need the Dome set itself too.
I feel like Bowman put Team USA cards in every set it issued in 2011. These cards don't have an awesome design, but at least there isn't any foil to make for a poor scan.
Chris Okey needs a hat that fits him. At least Platinum used action images; the 1993 Stadium Club Dome card used what must be an actual game image.
 I remember when '92 Bowman came out. The foil cards were pretty cool back then, and even today they are just as nice. By my count there are 47 in the set, out of 705 cards, or one in 15 cards in the set. Since they were inserted 1 per 15-card pack, they aren't really short-printed, but they seem to carry a small premium sometimes. Anyway, I just finished my '92 Team USA set.
The only Upper Deck cards from Team USA sets in my order were these National Pride inserts. I have most (perhaps all, but I think I'm missing something) of the actual Team USA sets Upper Deck produced. I've fallen behind the past two years.

More cards soon!

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