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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt: This Card Is Cool!

The most memorable baseball game I ever attended was the one where Phil Wellman, then the manager of the Mississippi Braves, put on quite a show after his pitcher was thrown out of the game for doctoring the ball.

The Crazy Manager isn't as uncommon as you think.
Above: Jump to about 3:20. Below: Be warned, it has bad language. The manager was wearing a microphone.

The video above: you can skip to about 1:30.

While some of the greats, Bobby Cox, Lou Piniella, and Earl Weaver, especially, could argue with umpires for days, they never really went nuts like this. It's a sight to see, that's for sure! (Yes, I'm aware of Pinella's own base-throwing incidents. But ... yeah.)

In Japan, things are handled much more politely. I think any (Japanese-born) manager that put on such a show would be fired in an instant here, because the teams are related to companies, and the company's image (arguably) is at stake. Found this, though:
NPB Card Guy posted this card on his blog a few weeks ago:
This card came out in 2006, so Marty Brown (in the Japanese video) is the manager the shirts refer to. And the photo was taken soon after the incident (early May) to make it into the 2nd Version set. But I saw it, thought of Phil Wellman, and had to have it. But, can I buy the t-shirt somewhere too?

No base throwing, but here are a few more great argumentarians for you:
Earl Weaver.
Good Tommy Lasorda clips are tough to find.
Billy Martin.


  1. You attended the Wellman game? That's the greatest single performance in the history of manager meltdowns. But Weaver and Billy are probably my favorites overall.

  2. Fuji: Yeah, I was down the first base line in the front row. I had a great view! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like Wellman had seen all of the other tirades, and memorized a list of them to be sure he did them all: steal the base, cover the plate, throw the hat... and then play army man!

    I've seen Cox get tossed a few times, but watching the Weaver and Martin videos was a lot of fun.