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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Original 34th Reincarnation of Power Rangers

I remember when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit the States. I was just the right age where both the show was mildly entertaining, and Amy Jo Johnson was cute. I lost interest in the show pretty quickly but working at a video store for several years meant that I saw several of the new versions of Power Rangers.

Most of you know that the original Power Rangers came from Japan, with re-filmed storyline sequences using the American actors. What you might not know is that, like in America, the Super Sentai series of shows has been reinvented over and over again. 

Actually, the series which was used for the US Power Rangers, had only 50 episodes over the course of a year. Japanese shows don't last too long. But this was the 16th installment in the series. And there have been many more - to date, thirty eight series including the 2014 series. Not to mention theatrical movies, DVD releases, live shows...

Anyway, the 2010 series called Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the 34th series, is being used in the 2013 Power Rangers series called Megaforce. (Thanks, Wikipedia.) Tons of merchandise comes out for the series every year - costumes, toys, etc. Occasionally trading card sets are issued, and this is somewhat of a trading card release.
 Four boxes were issued, each with two "cards" and two "cling" sheets. As you can see from the picture, the street-clothed characters can be transformed into their sentai characters by putting the reusable cling sticker on the top.
 Box one has pink and red rangers. Here's the front and back of the pink girl. Eri is her name.
 The red ranger boy is Alata.
 Here are the blank-backed clings. As you can see, there are additional stickers to equip the heroes. Note that all four cards above are numbered "1" and came in box "1".
 The yellow girl, named Moune/Mone.
 Agri (Aguri) is the black-clothed ranger. He has lovely hair...
 And their stickers. The girls wear skirted costumes. How feminine. The yellow and black rangers came in box two.
 The final, blue ranger is Hyde/Haido.
 There is a background card included with Hyde.
 The stickers from box three; the background card has additional stickers including whatever the evil minions are called. Bibi Soldiers? Bibi Bugs?
Here is another background...
 And another background. Box four is probably the least popular one, with no Ranger cards. On the other hand, kids wanting a full set would want this for the action settings.
While it may not have any ranger cards, it does have a cool ship to use on one of the background cards, and a full set of shooting rangers to create the scenes on the background cards.

I picked up a full set for $2 recently just for the fun of it! I won't play with the stickers, though. Seeing this makes me wonder how good I'd look as a Sentai for Halloween. On second thought, I should probably avoid the spandex...


  1. I got curious about Amy Jo Johnson (as in "Which one was she?"), so I Googled her. She's been in other TV series! She's got a music career including three CD's! Who knew?

  2. I knew. Well, about the other TV series. Felicity, was it? She was a supporting character there, I think. And she sang a song that ended up on the soundtrack, which I used to own. Not a bad song, either. Nothing great...