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Monday, March 3, 2014

A Delivery from the Dutch Trading Card Company

The Dutch Card Guy is a great guy. He really knows how to send a trade package! How he gets all these fantastic cards in Europe without paying an arm and a leg is beyond me...

Anyway, I asked about some Paninis (not the sandwich) and he sent me a package.
 I just added the 1987, 1971, and 1972 minis sets to my want list. I have the first series of 1972s and a few of the other cards.
 Six minis in the package! These things get cooler every time I see them!
 A couple die-cut cards. I also added this set to my want lists in the past month. I think I now have five cards from the set.
 This set is done. The nicknames/titles on the front are ridiculous. But the stories on the back are somewhat interesting.
 The trade originated when I asked about these - Golden Age inserts! It's insane, but I added all the 2013 insert sets to my want list to try to build a mini master set.
Some of the cards went toward the master set, and some were still needed for my type collection. Every one of the Golden Age cards found a home in my collection.
 These are my favorite news-style cards so far. The use of a date at the top, the location, a nice photo, and plenty of details.
 Tri-Pete. I needed one for my type collection! I still want a Pete Rose autograph. I might buy a box of this stuff from a local shop, or pick an auto up from eBay or COMC.
 I really like Triple Play. I still need everything from 2013.
 Black bordered cards don't scan well in my scanner. I enjoy Goodwin Champions.
 Sure, there are no logos. The poses are strange (Steve Carlton ordering a pizza? John Kruk looking like John Goodman?) but it's pretty unique.
 I'm still trying to finish this set...
 When I was younger and played baseball with my friends, I was always Greg Maddux when I was pitching.
 Maddux and Jones might be my two favorite Braves. Smoltz is pretty high up there too.
 These Chipper cards are fun, and I can't believe he played as long as he did. I remember he was involved in some kind of scandal with a girl who worked at Hooters.
 I miss Fleer. They made all those silly box sets in the 1980s that always had some form of topic. Then they led the insert explosion in the 90s. And until they disappeared in 2005, Fleer produced very attractive inserts. I'll take Fleer's style over any other manufacturer's approach to the hobby any day.
 Can you guess which Victory cards have black borders? I like the throwback uniform on Chipper.
 Are you ready for some football? Packages from The Dutch Card Guy always include a random selection of oddballs!
 There were some more non-baseball Goodwin Champions cards in the package. Dominique is in my type collection because I know him the most, living in Atlanta for so long.
 I've debated whether I wanted to start a small non-baseball player collection. I'm still not sure yet...
 Do I have this set? I certainly can use the card in my collection!
 I wish Panini would do another Americana set that focused on current pop stars. There have been a couple pop star sets in the past decade but it's time for another. I really liked the Razor jumbo relics, and PopCardz (which has disappeared). PopCardz failed, I think, because the relics were tiny and collation seemed to be pretty bad. They could have had a bigger relic checklist - with only 40 subjects it would have been cool to have relics of all 40.
 This Goodwin Champions insert goes toward my type collection.
I like these jumbo Exhibits cards a lot! Golden Age sets are just so tough to finish, though. Unlike Topps products, not a lot of Panini seems to be ending up in the marketplace. I'm not sure what that says.

Anyways. This package was really awesome and I'll have some cards headed back your way soon! Thank you Dutch Card Guy!

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