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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just an Order from Just Commons

I'm pretty open to trying new things, so when I read from a couple other bloggers about Just Commons, I decided to give them a try.

I put in a pretty large order, going through some of my less-hunted want lists. I didn't get word from the site for a few days about shipment after paying, and my ship-to address is here in Japan, so I sent an email and got a pretty quick reply. Three cards on my list weren't available but since shipping to Japan isn't free (and not calculated by the ordering system) some of that "cost" was used for shipping. I expected to need to cover shipping here so that wasn't a big shock.

The cards were sent soon after, as promised, and arrived about a week later. There were three cards in the order that were incorrect, with other cards sent instead. I emailed them about the order and mentioned that I intended to place another order soon, so they said they'll include them with that order.

I placed a new order about a week ago, but again haven't had contact following the purchase. I've just sent a follow-up message; my only real complaint so far about Just Commons is that both times I've ordered I have needed to initiate the conversations (despite asking this time to be told about shipping costs). 

I'm curious - for those of you who have used the site and shipped to the US, have you had any issues with shipments not being sent?

Anyway, here's a sampling of what I ordered:
 2011 Goodwin Champions SPs: I've attacked this set a lot lately and I'll probably finish it by the end of the year. After this order, I need 11, but several of those are part of my second order.
 Another set that's really challenging to complete is my 2012 Triple Play set. I haven't even touched 2013 yet, though I only need 8 cards now for my 2012 master set! This was the last card from the Focus subset I needed.
 I still need three more of the Hall of Fame cards, which might be the best looking cards in the set. I also need two more When I Was A Kid singles.
 The last few cards in the set are relics, and there are three more I need. I had ordered two on Just Commons, but apparently one of them was out of stock. I still see some stock on the site now for that card... perhaps I should order it again!
 I tackled some of my 2012 Allen & Ginter set needs, too. As of right now, I still need four more from the Historical Turning Points, plus ten of the Highlight Sketches.
 My base set is still not complete either. There are nineteen cards left for my set, though fourteen of those are SPs.
 Speaking of SPs, I still need a ton of Topps 206 cards from over 10 years ago. And a smaller number of Topps 205 from 2003.
 I completed a few sets, though, including the Calling Card insert set from last year's Topps set. The silly titles on front just add to my interest in this set.
 I'm not sure why the O-Pee-Chee Team Checklist cards are so tough to find. I still need 10 more!
 But I did finish off my 2010 Upper Deck Ballparks subset.
 Just Commons singles start at 5 cents each. The 1992 Bowman Team USA cards I bought weren't that cheap, but I put together most of the team set at once, and now I only need three more cards.
 The 1993 Stadium Club Murphy Team USA team set was really cheap, though - but I still need 11 cards from that set.
Rounding out my Team USA purchases was a lone Topps Big card from 1989, meaning I still need six from that set.

The selection at Just Commons is pretty good for modern cards, going back to the 1980s, though some somewhat-obscure issues can't be found on the site (Black Diamond and Topps Stickers for example) and since the site focuses on commons it's tough to find inserts from prior years, which is a large portion of my set-building want lists right now.

That said, as long as Just Commons keeps its pricing structures intact and selection high, it has a lot to offer me for my collecting goals! Now they just need to get my next order headed to Japan...

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