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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Not-So-Random 2013 Card-Gens

I grabbed some 2013 Sega Card Gen cards for trades and as trade bait. Have a look (some are reserved)! There are still plenty of Card Gen cards in stores that I can pick up for you if you want to work a trade. There hasn't been any information about a 2014 version, but the 2013 details weren't posted until late May.

FYI, these are made by Topps and work with an arcade game - you can't play at home. You receive one card every time you play the game, but you can also buy "used" cards in stores - you have to have the card with you when you play. They start fairly inexpensively, but higher-star players like Pujols, at the bottom, are stronger in the game and thus usually cost more. Old cards (Card Gen started in 2009) seem to still be compatible with the game. There are a couple special sets issued at the arcades - a foil set, for example, and I've heard that there might be another special version. It's tough to navigate the Card-Gen site without Japanese knowledge.

Anyway, I might start putting some of these up on eBay too if I don't get enough interest in trades; the PayPal can then be used to get some more US cards! Ain't I a genius?! Yeah...


  1. If you can track one down, could you pick up the Alex Presley from the 2013 set for me?

  2. Jason: I've made a note. (PS to other people who sent me an email: I need to catch up on emails...)