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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My first taste of 2014 Tribute, and a 2014 BBM Preview?

You know that song from Fiddler on the Roof?
Well, if I were a rich man, I probably still wouldn't open packs of Tribute. But I'd get my hands on a whole lot more from eBay, shows, and such.
 I picked up this single from one of the Tokyo area shops for 100 yen. Not bad for a low-numbered parallel from a brand new release! On a return trip this weekend, I found two base singles for 50 yen each that I scooped up. I've been threatening to build a Topps Tribute set. I don't think it's going to be the 2014 set, but that's only because I have plenty of other priorities this year. I like the design, as far as Tribute sets go.

I bought a few other singles for 50 to 100 yen each last weekend:
 The boxes contain base cards and low-level inserts, usually. I'm not sure where they get their singles from because they never bust any MLB product themselves. I'm guessing everything is sold to them by customers opening product.
 I now have two or three of the 15 deckle-edge cards from the 2012 Archives set. I should go ahead and add it to my want list. The other two cards are parallels - Nolan is numbered out of 50 or 100, and "books" for $45!
 Another parallel is this Gwynn Leather and Lumber Lumber & Leather. Yeah, I don't know either. But it's numbered pretty low too!
 Back to the modern age, with Cano and Cruz die cuts for sets I might go insane and collect at some point. I thought that Rivera was pretty nice so I bought it too!

I think I've been through those boxes enough at this point that I won't find anything good for a while. But once I give them a chance to fill in some more stock I can give them another go.

The latest issue of SCM magazine is out, and I picked up this promo:
The design looks a little familiar to me so I'm not sure if it's been used by SCM or in a BBM set before, without looking. It's called Cosmic Cross (the name is in foil in the lower-right corner, tough to see) and I wonder if BBM will use it as an unannounced cross-set promotion this year. First Version comes out in mid-April, so there's plenty of time for BBM to post the info to their site if they are doing a multi-product set.


  1. The 2011 cross set subset Cross-Blast was only in the team sets so maybe BBM's doing it that way again this year. Four of the team sets are listed on Niki's website already though and I don't see anything about it. A couple of them will be in stores by the end of March so between the listings on BBM's site (which I would expect any day) and the actual sets listed on Jambalaya I suspect we'll know what's going on by the end of the month.

  2. Looking at the release calendar it seems that there's nothing happening for a few weekends until those sets come out. That'll be a good excuse to catch up on older product!