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Saturday, March 1, 2014

State of the Blog Address for February

So it's March First. I am still posting my follow-up for the month! Here's a review - the January comments are in blue.

1. 65% Japanese Type Collection. [I've gained about 2.5% in the past month...] I passed 60% this month. A big jump came from a large trade; I'm sure I'll reach 65% soon. (Currently: 60%)

1b. Finish Calbee: [I haven't made any progress. But I knew it wouldn't be easy.] I still haven't made any progress. (Currently: 14 needed)

2. Continue Calbee posts: [I've been busy catching up on trade posts and new releases, so I haven't addressed this yet.] I thought I wouldn't have new material to post about, but I'm still looking at stacks of cards to post about. Soon... (Last post: 1974)

2b. Start BBM posts: [I'm still posting new release details, but I haven't looked at old BBM sets yet.] I am doing my best to keep up with current issues. Old sets will start to come once I start the Calbee posts. (0%)

2c. Make a Table of Contents: [It's still in-progress. I think it'll be my project one week.] It's not visible, but I am slowly building this. (5%)

3. Make new release posts on time: [There haven't been any new Japanese sets lately.] I am almost fully up-to-date though there are 2013 sets I didn't post about at all. I think there's only the Rookie Edition and anything that's been released this week as far as Japanese releases go. (75%)

3b. Preview/review 2014 MLB sets: [I've done a couple previews for sets I'm looking forward to seeing.] Tribute's out. I haven't said anything about it, but maybe next week - I'm hoping to find a few singles at one of the stores. I did post about 2014 Topps Series 1. And hopefully I can address Donruss. (33%)
4. Do something with the Zoo: Nothing yet. Still nothing. (0%)

5. Finish the NPB Live Game Collection: [I've really worked hard on this collection, and I had the list down to about 10 more cards. But, then, I realized that I had the wrong game cataloged and collected! So, now I'm in the 30s. Again, something I hope to remedy this weekend.] Two more players needed! One of those players has no cards as far as I can tell. (99%)

5b. Start the MLB Live Game Collection: [This goal has been MET!] (100% in January)

6. Collect 2014 sets: [With flagship Topps just hitting stores, I can't really start this, though I'll buy the complete set this summer.] Donruss is out. Time to start trolling eBay. (0%)

6b. Collect 2014 insert sets: [The only insert from Series 1 that I want at this point is the 1989 Minis. Hopefully they won't be too expensive.] Minis are pricey! Now, add the SP Diamond Kings, and maybe more from Donruss. Nothing started, yet. (0%)

7. Post more information about Japanese card shops: [I should start planning how to do this...] Still at 0%.

8. Post about NPB awards: [nothing yet, but once I finish my backlog of posts I'll go after this.] Still at 0%.

January: 1/14.
February: 1/14.

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  1. Can't wait to read your Japanese card shop posts. My goal is go there within the next three to five years and I'd love to go to at least one card shop when I'm there.