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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Few Inserts for the Collection

 I guess I'm collecting this set now.

I made another run through the MLB cards at one of the Tokyo card shops and pulled some more inserts while hunting for 2014 Tribute... or anything new for that matter. You see the Deckle Edge insert from Archives above, which must mean I'm going to build the set. Otherwise, why else would I keep buying these cards?
 I have a soft spot in my heart for die cuts. I don't know why I keep buying shiny die cuts, because I don't see myself actually building the sets, especially of Bowman products! But I can use Chipper in a collection somewhere, I'm sure. Or possibly in trade...
 This is the metal version of Diamond Dominators, one of the 175-or-so sets I'm trying to build.
 I almost missed this insert from Golden Age. It was the only one in the box, mixed in with a bunch of base set singles. I'm glad I saw it!
This card has green foil. I guarantee it. I needed Smoltzy for my type collection.

With all the MLB cards I've been collecting this year, I feel like I'm neglecting my Japanese collection. But last year I felt like I was ignoring my MLB collections. I suppose I could get MLB cards fairly easily in the future...


  1. Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only guy building boatloads of sets. Nice choice on the deckle edge. I've considered building that one myself.

  2. Fuji: Boatloads about describes it! I hope to knock the list down quite a bit in the next year or two. It's much smaller overall, because I've consolidated several lists and finished off some sets. And then I added a bunch more.

    Deckle Edge is coming back in 2014 Archives, I think. I'm a bit angry, but then again I might collect that too. I know I want those Embossed cards in Heritage if they do them. But I heard something about '65 Bazookas?