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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scott Crawford on Trade Bait Drafts

Forever ago - women have conceived and gave birth in the time between, I'm sure - Scott of Scott Crawford On Cards (currently doing an awesome year-long series) held a trade bait draft just packed with stuff I wanted in my hands. What stuff was that?
 A Drake's Big Hitters card. I can't believe there were at least six annual collector's editions. Actually, there were eight (1981-1988).
 I have most of the Baseball Heroes cards from all the issues. But sometimes you just need one more for the type collection. Despite the ease at which this can be found now, it still feels like quite a rare, valuable card.
 Vintage! No, wait! Throwback!
 Manny being scanny. My scanner can't handle some glossy cards, usually from Donruss/Leaf/Playoff/Panini products and some BBM sets.Where's the bobblehead that went with the card?
 McDonalds cards! I needed a Larkin for my Hall of Fame collection.
 Numbered to only 15, despite it being in poor shape I took this UD Premier card of Miguel Cabrera.
 I have the set, but Sandy Koufax singles are still tough to find. At least for me, since I've been in Japan for two of the three years he has been appearing in modern Topps products. I still need a couple more Koufax cards.
 I grabbed some other singles for my Awards collection. Steve Carlton is always fun to see in products.
 As is Dave Winfield. I don't know what it is about 1980s players that I like - I didn't get into baseball until 1989 and back then the fading veterans were of no interest to me.
 Bruce Sutter! I wish Kellogg's would make baseball cards again.
 Mini! With lots of wasted white space!
 Museum Collection has a very nice design. Even though it has a good bit of white space.
 Just Gems doesn't. It has a bunch of empty space.
 The Pete Rose Legacy released by Leaf a couple years ago is the best MLB player tribute I've seen since the Nolan Ryan sets issued by Pacific in the 1990s. Am I missing anything? And I am not interested in reprint sets (cool, but not as good as an original career retrospective set). BBM does player tribute sets pretty often - why doesn't Topps issue retirement sets? I bet they'd sell pretty well.
 Speaking of player tribute sets, Star issued a bunch of small, dull ones with the same basic design as you see above. Although this is a minor league card.
 Green Finest! I don't like the rarity of them all which makes it expensive, difficult, and irritating to gather, but in the end, colored parallels are cool.
 This is a black-bordered parallel. My scanner doesn't like black borders.
 Rookie Card!
 Vintage card! This Nolan went into my player collection for him, something I haven't really focused on.
 UD Masterpieces may be the best art set ever produced. Diamond Kings and Topps Gallery are both pretty close.
 Super-rare parallel, yo! I don't care about the mad hits, but getting rare cards is a big part of building a type collection.
 Shiny. But boring. Go figure.
 Gold. Shiny. But boring. But if you put a rainbow of Chrome side by side it looks really nice! Too bad I can't do that.
 A piece of my old sofa, on cardboard!
 Another Nolan for the PC.
 This was from the jacket I wore in middle school.
 We'll wrap it up with vintage. Anything vintage is good. I have too many collections right now, but someday I'll really go vintage-crazy. It won't be while I'm living in Japan.
Julian Javier, Rookie Cup recipient. I prefer the Dean Chance card, because the design is just that much better. Plus it has cool vintage logos.

So, it's been a long time since I participated in a draft, but this one was certainly a blast. We've done a trade, too, since then, although the cards he sent are still in America! Maybe I will be able to post about them next year... Thanks Scott!

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