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Friday, January 17, 2014

Rocking the Type Collection from BucCollector!

Another trade last year that I'm just finally getting in hand and am able to post about came from David B, AKA BucCollector. He has a nice list of trade bait and generously sent along a handful of cards in return for some of his favorite players' cards.
 I don't know what to do with this but it was a cool little tag-a-long!
 Okay, now for the real "meat" - he has some Smokey and the Pros cards and they contain card numbers. I don't know anything at all about them, other than they are laminated and contain stickers of images of Topps cards. You can see the numbers on the front.
 If anyone has more info on these I'd love to hear it! It seems they come from a 1987 issue.
 This is another real oddball, from a 2001 tour of Europe of former stars.
 Giants team issue! Team issues are tough to come by sometimes.
 So are minor league cards. I'm always happy to get minor league cards I don't have for the type collection (and there are thousands of sets that I don't have cards for).
Dominican Republic Winter League single! This was my first, though I received another from someone else in a trade this month too. Oops! Foreign issues are another area I know little about and have a lot of interest in.

BucCollector and I are working on our next trade, slowly. Well, he already has all the cards I could want but I'm trying to locate a few cards from his want list. Thanks again for the trade! (David: If you have a blog, let me know...)

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