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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Release: 2013 BBM Young Fighters

I say "New Release" but this set came out way back in August/September. Sold in box set form, the Young Fighters "team set" included 27 base cards; each set comes with an additional special card from a few different sets, sold originally for 4200 yen (about $42); 3000 sets were produced.
 The fronts of the base cards use two images - a color image over a second black and white photo with a blue fireball/warp background.
The backs use more of a warp-style background with the color version of the black and white photo from the front. Some basic biographical details and a short write-up on the player round out the back. Cards are numbered with a YF- prefix and [YOUNG FIGHTERS] appears in brackets on the copyright line.

There are a few special card sets produced for the release; again, one card from any of these sets was included in each box.

Three memorabilia cards were created, with Haruki Nishikawa, Mitsuo Yoshikawa, and a dual-memorabilia card. There are 15 copies of each.

There are five different photo cards with a print run of 100 cards each.

Nine players appeared on "non-woven fabric cards", limited to 150 copies each.

All 27 players have autographed cards, ranging in quantity from 10 to 30 cards per player.

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